Since 1999 we have been building bespoke databases for owners of specialist service and manufacturing operations. Owners and managers who found their levels of productivity and efficiency were being sapped, and slowly suffocated, by manual form filling and spreadsheet updating. Admin systems that greedily ate into time, and gave them next to no information on either people or profit performance.

But now with one of our 360OPERATIONS databases, they have seen some massive savings-:
  • for one Cumbrian owner, we reduced a two-week error-prone spreadsheet updating task to an overnight run
  • for a Blaydon business, we saved them 20 hours a week manually checking forms, and entering data into their Sage accounts
  • for a Stoke manufacturer, we freed up 22 hours for the owner, who previously had to stop back at evenings and weekends, to turn job cards into invoices
  • for a Gateshead business, we replaced and improved his old MSDOS database, and reduced the all-day task of producing invoices, to less than an hour
  • for a Leeds commercial vehicle repairer, we got invoices out the door sooner, and reduced his overdraft interest, by over £300 a quarter
  • for a North West repairer, our application reduced stocked parts leakage by £800 a month
The key to achieving these advantages for our clients lies in our total commitment to the belief that computers and people thrive on simplicity. Massive benefits are gained when the software is used to drive the core operational processes which directly affect success.

Processes such as:
  • faster, simpler, and more uniform quoting/estimating
  • the issuing of clear, easy-to-follow work instructions
  • the sourcing of raw materials, and subcontractor services
  • awareness of time taken to do a job and measured against how much was estimated
  • on tap access to historical job data, for instant answers to customer, staff and supplier day-to-day queries
The databases we build act as glue, binding people and the processes together.

Our consultative highly personalized one-to-one approach, combined with extensive coal face experience, delivers software tools that enable you, and your business to thrive and prosper.
In short. More from less.

To discover today the great functionality of a 360OPERATIONS database click here.
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