An easily affordable solution that simplifies and streamlines the business process of repairing, servicing, and testing of commercial vehicles.

Ideal for operations between 4 and 16+ fitters, LYNCHPIN is the easy-to-use and complete software solution for commercial vehicle workshop owners and managers.

What makes LYNCHPIN unique?

It has been designed from the ground up for commercial vehicle workshops

LYNCHPIN is now used by 60+ commercial vehicle workshop owners and managers to simplify and streamline job paperwork.

With LYNCHPIN you have an invaluable and extremely easy to use tool because it's been designed for purpose. Your purpose.

Working with these 60+ commercial vehicle workshop owners has taught us one lesson. No two are identical. 

Each had their own unique way of working and needed something different. Standard workshop software they looked at was full of compromises or was nightmarish expensive to modify.

This insight has enabled us to build up a massive library of functionality. Each new user of Lynchpin not only gets this functionality built-in but a guarantee that any changes required to suit their way of working will be added at no extra charge.

Everything you expect plus a lot more to choose from
  • comprehensive vehicle owner or operator details with specific workshop rate, and special prices for parts
  • vehicle details including inspection & service scheduler integrated with workshop diary
  • vehicle history with fast one-click drill down to see underlying entries
  • work requested by the customer
  • work done by you and the ability to supplement by adding extra notes
  • customer purchase order ref with options for open purchase orders, fixed  money limits and mandatory customer purchase order alert before job starts 
  • fitter time spent from updating job card, bar code or touch screen
  • parts used on job and ability to search across individual vehicle history
  • purchase orders for bought-in parts
  • full stock control with instant traceability. Also handles Imprest.
  • parts bar code scanning for issues and returns
  • optional Integrated MOT Booking Manager - see here
  • subcontract work costs and charges
  • own plant used with a history of service costs
  • internal & external notes with emailing
  • inspection documents & invoice emailing
  • built-in scanning to any jobs, vehicles, suppliers, and stock
  • automatic audit trail updating to your accounts software whether that be SAGE, QuickBooks, TazBooks or cloud-based such as Xero
  • 42 built-in reports for you to instantly and selectively measure performance across your workshop
  • and much more... 
Easy to affordable options for single and 4+ users starting at less than £3 a day!
Learn how LYNCHPIN solves the inspection sheet headache for
GJC Commercials in Bristol.
Discover how LYNCHPIN helps Harlow Truck Centre deliver on their promise.

For a free online demonstration of what LYNCHPIN can do for you 
contact us here today.
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