With your ATF investment being in excess of six figures, do you really want to manage bookings with a dog eared diary, or some spreadsheets that need continual updating?
In addition spreadsheets are not multi user, so you cannot have more than one person updating it at the same time. This exposes you to the risk of upsetting a customer who turns up expecting his vehicle to be tested.
Not so with Lynchpin MOT Manager. It is true multi user so bookings can be entered into the system immediately. No scraps of paper and handwritten notes. Furthermore after entering the booking slot; you can email your customer confirmation.

Designed for test centres with between 1 and 6 lanes you can:
  • add and change bookings
  • book without vehicle reg no
  • track lane, weights, trailer and brake test revenue
  • DVSA MOT descriptions eliminates lengthy typing
  • automatic DVSA rates guarantee arithmetical accuracy
  • upcoming booking report with option to email and fax
  • facility for repeat bookings i.e customer wants same time slots on same day for next 3 months
  • find next available time slot ( 30, 40 or 45 minutes)
  • capture vehicle & owner details for non customers for reminders
  • record multiple fitters time on same MOT
  • analyse MOT by fitter and customer
  • email 1st and 2nd reminders 
  • automatically invoice on the spot
  • automatically updating your accounting software eliminates time consuming retyping
  • cater for credit card payments with surcharge option
  • seamlessly integration with Lynchpin workshop suite and service planner
  • benefit from software fully tailored to match the way you work
For less than £3 a day - less than the cost of a decent coffee - Lynchpin MOT manager puts your finger firmly on the pulse of your ATF Centre.

For a free on line demonstration of what Lynchpin ATF Manager can do for you contact us here today.

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